Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why Write?

2nd post with "w" alliteration :)

So i just wanted to address real quick how youre reading this, as in this sentence/post/blogspot/public collection of my thoughts. 

This is for me, but in a lot of ways just as much so for you.  

At the end of the day, this is just another outlet, n it will always come second to my personal journal, full of everything from my secrets to my girly lil poems. The difference between the two for me is the element of exposure that comes with this blogspot; its an odd comfort to just know that what i keep tucked away is suddenly out in the open, even if verrrry few people take the time to actually look. Its a variation of the catharsis writing gives me.

Specifically to you though, these are the confessions that i want you to know, but dont always know how to say aloud. Im sorry for my bitchy days/everything ive done thas ever thrown you off, offended you, or made you seriously wonder wtf k  ?! ( I know we just talked about that last night n how you totally get me, but stillll your acceptance n coolnizzz shouldnt forever justify my shit! Its all love though, forreal, i mean it n thank you!) These are the reasons, the makeup of my perspective, the thoughts that come out in all the wrong ways. Even if we never talk about these things, it doesnt matter. Just knowing that you know n feel me is a gift in n of itself. Yee buddy :)

Most of everything i post up is nonsense without context. (Most of everything i post up is also about yenno which dude who fucks me up inside...for better n for worse.) In a single post, ill switch tenses every other line. Write to multiple you's, but wont specify who im referring to each time (happening right now). Put thoughts down like a schizophrenic without a filter. Analyze n reread madd chunks of my journal like a textbook. In these ways, the blog is more obviously for me, but its the freedom of interpretation n imagining of missing details that i (sometimes purposely) leave for you. 

I post in the hopes that youll read these words n feel something. I hope youll find relevance, feel a lil less misunderstood, n learn that were both caught up in the same struggles n revelations. I hope my eyes will enlighten your own, n add complexity n sensitivity to your perspective. I hope youll be inspired to stay hoping, no matter how well you learn the throbbing aches of disappointment. Know that im striving to do the very same for myself by writing writing writing always always always. 

N if none of the above, i hope all my shitty silliness is entertaining as fuck for you. 

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