Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Some of the warmest words any boy has ever messaged me...I'm beyond humbled by the love I've seen lately...

After a damn long time, I finally feel like I'm fully recognizing and appreciating the miracle of each moment again...Finally, I'm beginning to feel balanced, optimally gracious and grateful, and filled with a healthy melancholy calm. The hells haven't left me, but this piece of the battle is finished.

I believed, and I received...What greater affirmation is there of the Universe's path for me?


"This is about to be a little mushy, but idc, you know me....I'm really freaking proud of you. You deserve this and more (and believe me, there is so much more waiting for you). Over the last 4 years, you have simply amazed me.You're capacity to give is remarkable. You do so much for everyone you care about, yet you never ask for anything in return. Nor do you even expect it. But what astonishes me even more so about you is the way you demand respect. You carry yourself better than any girl I know...and it's not that nobody ever sees you sweat, it's that you don't try to hide the sweat. Your originality adds to that, nobody does anything like you...you are a very special person, not just to me, but in this world. You are extraordinarily extraordinary, and you have a lot of knowledge to share to the world. NYU is just the beginning."

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