Wednesday, October 12, 2011

13 Ways of Feeling Heat

a lil poem from sophomore english, modeled after a famous steven wallace piece. no edits. i turned it in just like this, n i dont remember loving my grade...fuck proper punctuation n shiettt...

still, i kinda like it cos of the nostalgia n how personal parts of it are. take what you will :)


in the midst of dim chilly morning rays
the only thing you know coming
is the promise of heat


i've the memory of sensations
buried in my bones
like heat nestled in deserts


heat swirled in the shadow and whir of ceiling fans
we stood still


the skin and the damp air 
are one
but the skin and air and heat

i do not know which to prefer
the caressing sultriness of summer
or the fervency found within ourselves
the enveloping happiness the heat brings
or what happens in between


dreamers fill the streets
without plans
the heat of reality
beating them
abusing their hope
they return to insatiable jobs
demeanors indecipherable


young artist
why do you dream of summery nights
sleepwalk through reality
if the heat was always here?
don't you feel the warmth
of your pulsing aspirations?


i know the intangible foundation
they embody for me
and heavy oppression
but i know too
that heat is involved
in what i feel


when you first leaned in to hear my words
i felt your warmth
which taught me everything


at the rise of temperature
marking the renewed presence of heat
even you with sweat glistening on your cheeks
smiled wildly


we rode beneath the city
in packed metal bullets
always, someone's tired damp flesh
on yours
would make you mistake heat 
as only sluggish weather


the heat is reaching cores
the world must be changing


it was summer only two months
heat was building
and it was going to build
all laid bellies up
on cement floors

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